Bryghusprojektet - The Brewery Site Project

An exhibition place. A residence. A rendezvous. A place of work. A place of play. A place of recreation. A place to eat. A connecting line where the city meets the harbour. Where traffic meets construction. Where work meets leisure. Where people of all ages meet each other. This is the plan with Bryghusprojektet

Bryghusprojektet is composed of a multi-functional building with a number of external activities, primarily initiated by the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC); with a café and restaurant, housing and offices for rent. In addition, there will be a large underground car park.



The project 


The idea is to gather many activities around the development in one building; a building of outstanding architectural quality.


At the same time, the building and its open areas and playground will help bring more life to the area around Bryghusgrunden, enhancing the link between the inner city and Copenhagen harbour.

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Drawing by Rem Koolhaas 


The Architect 


One of the world's most influential and internationally recognised architects; the Dutchman Rem Koolhaas and his design office OMA, has designed the project.

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